Active Membership

All teachers employed by a school board in Alberta are required, as a condition of employment to be active members of the Alberta Teachers’ Association. The only exceptions fall into two categories (1) the teacher named by a board to be superintendent of schools or the teacher named by board motion to be chief deputy superintendent, and (2) a teacher who has elected, under section 5(1)(b) or 5(1)(c) of the Teaching Profession Act, to renounce their active membership in favour of associate or non-membership; this includes teachers whom the school board has designated to serve in an administrative, supervisory or consultative position and for whom the Association does not bargain or teachers in permanent central office positions who are engaged in carrying out central office administrative functions for the school board and who are not engaged in carrying out teaching functions. Substitute teachers become active members as soon as they are first employed during a school year, and they remain active members until the end of that school year or until they are no longer on the approved substitute roster of the school board, whichever occurs first.

Active members have the right to vote and to hold office in the Association.

Fees for active members effective 2015 09 01 are as follows:

Type of Active Member


Active member employed full-time

$1,242 per annum

Active member on leave of absence

$96 per annum

Active member employed part-time

1.25 per cent of earnings in each month

Active member employed as an intern

1.25 per cent of earnings in each month

Active member employed as a substitute

1.00 per cent of earnings in each month