The Association is governed by an annual meeting known as the Annual Representative Assembly, which is composed of delegates representing the Association's 54 locals. Between annual meetings, business is transacted by an executive committee known as Provincial Executive Council.

Annual Representative Assembly

The Annual Representative Assembly (ARA), which is the Association's parliament, is made up of delegates from locals and members of Provincial Executive Council. ARA establishes policy, approves the Association's budget and sets fees for the various categories of membership.

General Bylaws

The Association's general bylaws govern all aspects of the Association's operations from categories of membership to election procedures to financial management.

Highlights and Reports

Annual reports detail the Association’s activities in each calendar year. Program highlights summarize the Association’s major accomplishments in each school year.

Policy and Position Papers

The Association's views on educational issues and concerns are articulated in its policies and position papers, which are updated following each Annual Representative Assembly.

Provincial Executive Council

Provincial Executive Council (PEC) is an executive committee that transacts the business of the Association between meetings of the Annual Representative Assembly. PEC is made up of 15 district representatives and five table officers.

Strategic Planning

To adapt to changes, the Association engages in strategic planning and actively
encourages all of its subgroups to do the same.