Learning Team 14:4 - Summer 2011

April 28, 2011
To learn is a natural pleasure

To learn is a natural pleasure

To learn is a natural pleasure, not confined to philosophers, but common to all

Good teachers make a huge difference

David Gray, host of CBC Radio’s The Homestretch, says it takes just a few good teachers to turn on a child’s imagination.

Cyberbullying: Is it real?

Cyberbullying sounds robotic and surreal. But cyberbullying is real and sometimes deadly. And it is on the increase.


“Allowing for inflation and rising cost of tuition, you’ll need to save 40 billion dollars for your children’s education.”

Timely advice for teachers about after-grad parties

I have been asked to assist with my child’s after-grad activities this spring. Is this okay?

Parental, community engagement key to “the beautiful game”

A four-year-old girl flies down the field sporting a toothless grin, the ball zigzagging ahead of her and parents, teammates and team officials seemingly cheering her on.

Of mice and memories

Someone once said, “Education is what you remember long after you’ve forgotten everything else you’ve been taught.”

4 tips to help teens prepare for year-end exam

Test time is coming up. Here are four simple tips to help your teen study.

4 tips on monitoring your teen during party season

May and June are fun and exciting months for teenagers. There are school banquets, proms and other ceremonies to attend.

1 quick tip

Whether your teen is applying for his first job or his first after-high-school job, a résumé is a must.

Teachers’ Tip Sheet

While testing can be stressful for some students, there are ways that teachers can help to reduce students’ anxiety.