Teachers’ Tip Sheet

April 28, 2011

Reducing students’ exam stress

While testing can be stressful for some students, there are ways that teachers can help to reduce students’ anxiety.

Work with your students to help them take useful notes. Get them to record in point form, write neatly, take down main points and always copy down what’s on the board. Highlight the importance of reviewing and reflecting on what’s important from those notes. Keep parents informed of your ­expectations.

To help prepare students as much as possible for tests, have them prepare test review sheets with all relevant test information. This sheet should include the following:

  • Test date
  • Test content. Will it be a quiz on definitions? Will it cover a specific chapter or class activity?
  • Type of test. Will it be multiple-choice, true-or-false or essay format? Knowing the type of test might affect how students study.
  • The plan. On what days will students study? At what times? What reference materials will they use? Where can they find those references?
  • Study strategies. Will students review a study guide? Highlight class notes? Make flash cards? Prepare sample test questions? Study with a buddy?

Keep parents informed about upcoming tests. If they have the information ahead of time, they can help to ensure that their children are prepared.
—The Parent Institute