Members' Handbook

Revised annually, the handbook contains such basic information about the ATA as a directory of its officers, an explanation of its structure and services, and a compilation of its bylaws and educational policy. Association locals are provided with copies each August. Copies are available to members at $10 each ($14 coil bound) and to nonmembers at $15 each ($19 coil bound). Submit requests to

2013 Members' Handbook (PDF)

Online content of the 2012 handbook is available from the following links.

Code of Professional Conduct
Declaration of Rights and Responsibilitites for Teachers

Organization and Administration
Provincial Executive Council
ATA Staff
Consultants, Facilitators and Instructors
ATA Committees
Alberta School Jurisdictions

Early History
Executive Secretaries
Honorary Members

Government of the Association
Teaching Profession Act
General Bylaws
Discipline Bylaw
Practice Review Bylaws
Alberta Education Teacher Growth, Supervision and Evaluation Policy (2.1.5)
Teaching Quality Standard Applicable to the Provision of Basic Education in Alberta
Rules of Order and Procedure

Organization and Services
Government Program
Member Services Program
Professional Development Program
Teacher Welfare Program
Principles for the Evaluation of Years of Teacher Education for Salary Purposes

Local Associations
Locals by Geographic District
Local Organization
Local Operation
Standard Local Constitution - with Local Council
Standard Local Constitution - without Local Council
Standard Sublocal Constitution

Statement of Educational Policy
Educational Policy
Administrative Procedures
Position Papers