ATA News 46:16

April 24, 2012
Student Vote parallels real election

Student Vote parallels real election

Students attending Namao School, located in the Sturgeon School Division, participated in Student Vote 2012, on April 20.

And the winner is …

A provincial general election campaign that was described as the most active and competitive in decades is now over.

Teachers invited to view “Promise and Peril” webcast

“Promise and Peril: What is Technology Doing to Our Minds and Bodies?” is a public lecture...

Finding ways to give

A one-of-a-kind school in the heart of Calgary and a Catholic school in Sherwood Park that spearheaded a life-changing program are the 2011/12 award of excellence winners...

EdNews Awards

“Education is often a hot ­topic, but it’s also an ­extremely complex topic, and in 2011, Alberta’s education writers and photographers did a superb job covering a wide range of subjects that were balanced and compelling,”

French immersion celebrated in Athabasca

The French immersion program in Athabasca celebrated its 25th anniversary in April.

Editorial: Catholic education is valued

A significant, and unfortunate, casualty of the provincial election call March 26 was the failed passage of Alberta’s Education Act.

What is Public Education?

In Alberta, public education refers to any K–12 educational program that is paid for entirely by public funding...

Q & A: ATA proposes stay-the-course budget

Question: What can I expect in the ATA’s proposed budget for 2012/13?

Fact or Fiction?

“Democracy is not about identifying a transient plurality of compliant spectators; it is about creating a stable public of thoughtful participants.

News View

The following are excerpts from newspapers throughout Alberta. They do not necessarily reflect the views of the ATA.

CTF membership has its rewards

It is only natural for teachers to question the value of membership in the Canadian Teachers’ Federation (CTF), as the Federation is one step removed from direct service to teachers.

Education students honoured with gold medals

Featured here are the 2011 recipients of the Gold Medals in Education.

The darkness in the data

A ground-breaking study of ­Alberta teachers’ work–life ­balance, or lack thereof, was the subject of a talk given by researcher Linda Duxbury to 150 teachers in Edmonton, on April 19.

2012/13 ­Proposed Budget

The budget proposed by Provincial Executive Council (PEC) for 2012/13 is a step away from becoming the ­approved budget for 2012/13...

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