Education students honoured with gold medals

April 24, 2012

Each year, the Alberta Teachers’ Association awards a gold medal to the student at each of the four faculties of education who attains the highest general proficiency in the final two years of a bachelor of education program. The awards are the Marie-Louise Brugeyroux Gold Medal (Faculté Saint-Jean), the Milton Ezra LaZerte Gold Medal (University of Alberta), the Clarence Sansom Gold Medal (University of Calgary) and the William Aberhart Gold Medal (University of Lethbridge). Awards are ­administered by the student awards office affiliated with each institution and are generally awarded at convocation ceremonies in the spring.

Featured here are the 2011 recipients of the Gold Medals in Education.

M.E. Lazerte Gold Medal in Education awarded to Caitlin Jane Barker, University of Alberta

I have always been inspired to learn by the exceptional teachers of this province, including my father. My passion for teaching began in ­junior high when I taught ­Sunday school students. Since then, I’ve found great satisfaction in engaging students in their learning and developing meaningful relationships with them. I am fortunate to have started my teaching career this past September at Millgrove School, in Spruce Grove, where I teach Grade 3. I was honoured to be this year’s Parkland School Division’s nominee for the Edwin Parr Award for first-year teachers. I have always been a proud supporter of the ATA and its advocacy for education and am honoured to be recognized with the M.E. Lazerte Gold Medal.

La Médaille d’Or Marie-Louise Brugeyroux awarded to Marie-Christine Bérubé, Campus Saint-Jean, University of Alberta

Je m’appelle Marie-Christine Bérubé-Lajoie et je détiens un BEd du ­Campus Saint-Jean. Mes années d’études au Campus m’ont aidée à confirmer mon désir d’enseigner, mais surtout elles ont réveillé en moi la joie d’apprendre. Lorsque j’ai appris que j’allais recevoir la Médaille d’Or Marie-Louise ­Brugeyroux, j’ai été remplie de ­fierté et de gratitude car cette enseignante s’est dévouée toute sa vie pour la cause de l’enseignement du français en Alberta et ce qu’elle a accompli a eu un impact sur la vie de milliers d’Albertains. Son parcours m’inspire et me motive alors que je recherche mon premier emploi pour débuter dans l’enseignement. Pour terminer, j’aimerais remercier toutes les personnes qui m’ont encouragée à poursuivre et réaliser mes rêves, en particulier les professeurs et enseignants coopérants. Cette citation de Daniel Grégoire rejoint ma philosophie de l’enseignement : « Le plus grand bien que nous puissions faire aux autres n’est pas de leur communiquer notre richesse, mais de leur révéler la leur. »

My name is Marie-Christine Bérubé-Lajoie, and I hold a BEd degree from Campus Saint-Jean. The years I spent at the Campus helped me solidify my desire to teach, but above all they rekindled my joy of learning. When I learned that I was the 2011 recipient of the Marie-Louise Brugeyroux Gold Medal in education, I was filled with pride and gratitude because this teacher devoted her life to the cause of French education in Alberta and what she achieved had an impact on the lives of thousands. It inspires me and motivates me as I start my own journey, looking for a job as a beginning teacher. In closing, I would like to thank all of the people, particularly the professors and cooperative teachers, who encouraged me to pursue and realize my dreams. The following quote by Daniel Grégoire illustrates my teaching philosophy: “The best thing we can do for others is not to give them our wealth but to make them discover their own.”

Clarence Sansom Gold Medal in Education awarded to Kristine Ellyse Schmaltz, University of Calgary

Kristine Schmaltz grew up on a family farm outside Beiseker, Alberta. After graduating from Beiseker Community School, Schmaltz earned a BA in psychology from Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario, and later obtained a BEd from the University of Calgary. At the U of C, Schmaltz served as president of the Education Student’s Association and was actively involved in the ATA, serving on the Teacher Education and Certification Committee and the Calgary and Area Field Experiences Committee. She also represented education students on several committees within the faculty of education. At present, Schmaltz teaches Grade 2 at Nose Creek Elementary, a Rocky View school. She continues to be involved with the ATA as a school representative. Schmaltz expresses her thanks to the Association for the gold medal award.

William Aberhart Gold Medal in Education awarded to Lori Braun, University of Lethbridge

Lori Braun completed her combined degree program in 2011—a BSc, General Sciences Major, and a BEd, Science Education Major. Not only was Braun a strong student academically, her teaching evaluations indicate she was well prepared, knowledgeable and a strong classroom leader. A mentor of Braun’s stated it best: “[Braun] is a responsible, dedicated, creative, caring teacher who enjoys teaching students and collaborating with staff … Lori has positively affected the school environment with her friendly, helpful nature and outgoing personality.”