ASEBP benefits are changing

ASEBP Communications Division

This year a number of changes and refinements to benefit plans were introduced and approved by the Alberta School Employee Benefit Plan (ASEBP) Board of Trustees. These changes were made in response to feedback received from you and on the advice of ASEBP's plan consultants. The changes will take effect January 1, 1998.

Please note that benefit plans vary by school board and that you may or may not have all the coverage described here. Contact your employer or ASEBP to find out what benefits you are enrolled in.

New benefits

A number of new benefits have been approved.

  • Mid-wifery services provided by a licensed mid-wife ($700 per pregnancy maximum).
  • Oral contraceptives will be covered under ASEBP's Extended Health Care plan.
  • Dental implants will be covered at 50 per cent under the Dental Care plan for up to $825 per tooth (any amount claimed for implants will count toward your annual dental maximum).
  • Teacher exchange/secondment coverage through ASEBP will be available for teachers living outside Canada. Coverage is subject to a number of conditions and must be arranged with ASEBP before your exchange or secondment position is started.

Improved benefits

  • White (composite) fillings can now be claimed on the front 10 teeth, top and bottom, under the ASEBP Dental Care plan (coverage was previously limited to the front six teeth).
  • Accidental dental coverage under the Extended Health Care plan has been increased to a maximum of $1,000 per tooth and the time frame for completion of treatment has been extended to two years.
  • Physiotherapy services will be covered to a maximum of $700 per calendar year (increased from $500). Other maximums for services covered under ASEBP's Extended Health Care plan will be adjusted. Refer to the Summary of Changes brochure for details (recently delivered to your home with the November issue of It's For Your Benefit newsletter).

Prudent management

  • Late applicant provision has been added to the Vision Care plan. This provision does not apply to members who currently participate in the Vision Care plan. The late applicant provision will apply to those members who were eligible for Vision Care but chose not to participate. In the future, if one of these members decides to participate as a late applicant, coverage will be restricted for up to the first six years.

New look ASEBP ID card

  • Because the current ASEBP ID card looks very similar to the Alberta Blue Cross card, some members, and even some pharmacists, were confusing the ASEBP plan with Alberta Blue Cross plans. The new ASEBP ID card should help clear up any confusion. ASEBP will mail a new ASEBP ID card to all covered members in January. Meanwhile, your existing ASEBP ID card will continue to work.

New ASEBP benefit information handbooks

  • The new January 1, 1998, edition of the ASEBP Benefit Information Handbook will be distributed in December. Check it for more information about eligible expenses, maximums and claiming requirements.

If you have questions or would like more details about upcoming changes, please call 438-4545 in Edmonton or 1-800-661-6839 toll-free. Fax: (403) 438-5304): e-mail: or visit us at Suite 800, Weber Centre, 5555 Calgary Trail Southbound, Edmonton.