CTF believes in Canada's schools

At the Winnipeg meeting of Canadian Teachers' Federation presidents and general secretaries in September, participants asked the Federation to develop a belief statement.

—We believe that the best interests of children and youth must guide each decision that society makes on their behalf.

—We believe that Canada must honor its commitment to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child to make children this nation's highest quality, in good times and in bad.

—We believe in a system of education rooted in the principles of equity, universality and accountability.

—We believe in good schools, supported by adequate public resources that are collected and distributed fairly.

—We believe that the conditions under which teaching and learning take place have a direct impact on what teachers and students can achieve together.

—We believe that the goals society sets for students and schools must be challenging but attainable, and that progress towards these goals must be measured thoroughly and fairly.

—We believe that the school curriculum must be designed to prepare students to become caring and responsible members of society.

—We believe that a responsible, knowledgeable, committed teaching profession is essential to the provision of quality education.

—We believe that teachers must have sufficient autonomy to apply their professional judgement.

—We believe that schools must be governed by people who are elected by, and accountable to, the public.

—We believe that change in schools is natural and healthy provided it is based on sound research and reasoning.

The Canadian Teachers' Federation invites Canadians to Take Another Look At Our Schools.