ATA Magazine 91:2 - Winter 2010

December 7, 2010
That Was Then ... This Is Now: An AISI Recipe for Teaching an Entire School to Read

That Was Then ... This Is Now: An AISI Recipe for Teaching an Entire School to Read

In 1971, S. E. Hinton published That Was Then, This Is Now, a young-adult novel about how our life experiences change us.

More Than Just Funny Books

Since their debut on newsstands more than 75 years ago, comic books have been blamed for a range of social ills.

Success Among First Nations Students

Higher Graduation rate lies at the door of students’  home

Literacy Learning Goes to the Dogs

The inspiration for research in animal-assisted literacy originated with my students.

The ATA Educational Trust

In 1977, with a pension bequest from retired teacher William Frederick Powell, the Alberta Teachers’ Association established the ATA Educational Trust.

Rinse the Blood off the Adjudicator

The play’s the thing, even for boys in Grade 6.

An Alberta Teaching Dynasty

A five-generation Alberta teaching dynasty began in 1911 when Mary Mildred Linke immigrated to Canada from England.

Editor’s Notebook—Learning Out Loud

American novelist Philip Roth continues to publish critically acclaimed stories, having just finished his 31st book.

The Secretary Reports

Hurry Up—Transform! Education is at a crossroads in Alberta, and significant directional changes lie ahead.

From the President: Mandate: Teachers’ Professional Development

This issue of the ATA Magazine gives me an opportunity to wish you all Merry Christmas.


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From the Bookshelves

The ATA Library features books and videos for teachers on a variety of topics.

The Parkland Page

One important goal of education is to develop critically thinking, engaged citizens who look below the surface of an issue to determine its true meaning.

Research Roundup:
Online reporting is not making the grade

During the past decade, many school jurisdictions in Canada began using online tools to report students’ educational progress to parents.

Teacher Wares

The Alberta Teachers’ Association is conducting a survey on the worklife experiences of substitute teachers.

Where Are the Old Schools?

Readers of The ATA Magazine are asked to help with the establishment of a visual archive of the province’s early country schools.