ATA Magazine 92:4 - Summer 2012

June 4, 2012
Teaching is A Never-Ending Vocation

Teaching is A Never-Ending Vocation

A typical day for me as a junior high teacher in Calgary is almost indescribable.

Transforming our future together

The following, by Andy Hargreaves, is the foreword from Transforming our Future Together—The Conditions of Professional Practice in Rocky View Schools, A Research Study

Beginning Teaching and the Work of Teaching

In their foreword to The Future of Teaching in Alberta (Alberta Teachers’ Association 2011), Dennis Shirley and Andy Hargreaves note that although much of teaching has changed over time, many of its core characteristics have endured.

What DO I do all day?

What do teachers really do all day?

Teachers Working Together

Why Collaboration Really Matters

Teaching Any Time, Any Place or at Any Pace

In 2011, the Alberta Teachers’ Association and a research team from the University of Alberta collaborated on a study of teachers’ experiences with flexible and/or digitally mediated learning environments.

The Overloaded Work Life of Canadians

Interview with Researcher Linda Duxbury

It’s In The Blood

When my daughter was five years old, she and I discussed what she wanted to be when she grew up.

My Day as a High School Art Teacher

My day begins with a country drive to my school.

The Future of Teaching

Even with a crystal ball, it would be folly to attempt to predict with any certainty the future of teaching.

Are we graduating too many teachers?

Although I live in Atlantic Canada, the future of teaching in the Maritimes is similar to that in the rest of Canada.

Editor’s Notebook

Teachers work hard to benefit their students and society, often to the detriment of their personal lives and families.

That’s Why I Teach

A friend recently asked me why I like to teach.

No one tells you that …

My Life As A First-Year Teacher


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From the Bookshelves

The ATA library supports teachers’ PD by providing books, videos, online articles and web resources.

Every Day is a New Day

Wasn’t it just yesterday that we began this teaching and learning journey?

Research Roundup

For every teacher who leaves the school, there are many who stay.

The Secretary Reports

As Alberta’s teachers prepare for collective bargaining, the issue of teachers’ work life has come to the forefront.

From the President

As I sit to write this column, summer vacation is about six weeks away.

Teacher Wares

The following publications are available from the Alberta Teachers’ Association.