Is the Alberta Teachers’ Association planning to punish teachers who work too hard?

Jacquie Hansen, president of the Alberta School Boards Association, is reported in Metro News as asking “what would happen to teachers wanting to put in extra hours to assist students and their schools. ‘We are not even sure what punitive measures would be put in place . . . we have seen proof that capping teacher hours does not work.’ she said.” (  

Is the Association planning to punish teachers who put in extra hours?

Hansen’s claim is ludicrous.

The Association has never punished any teacher for putting in extra time and effort into their work for whatever reason and is not going to do so in the future, whether or not a framework agreement is concluded.

Sixty percent of the province’s teachers are currently working in jurisdictions where caps exist on instructional and/or assignable time. In some cases, these caps have been in place in decades and schools operate with no apparent difficulty.

So can Hansen identify a single case where a teacher working in one of these jurisdictions was punished by the Association for working in excess of a cap? She can’t because there aren’t any.

In fact, the Association fully anticipates and expects that teachers will provide additional service above and beyond their instructional and assigned duties in order to meet their professional obligations.

While the president of the organization that represents the province’s school boards is busy inventing imaginary problems, back in the real world Alberta’s teachers are focused on providing practical solutions.

That is exactly why Alberta’s teachers have disengaged from the tripartite process in order to share with the Premier and the people of Alberta a fair and reasonable plan that will help teachers to be more effective in their work, meet the fiscal requirements of government, contain costs for school boards and provide labour peace and stability for Alberta students and their families.