Substitute Teachers' Appreciation Week

March 9–13, 2015

Each year, Provincial Executive Council declares a week as Substitute Teachers’ Appreciation Week—this year March 9–13, 2015.

Substitute teachers play a necessary and valuable role in the education of Alberta students—they provide instruction, management and supervision. They do not have the advantage of being able to work with students on a long-term basis but are nonetheless responsible for ensuring that each day of instruction is productive. All this occurs in an environment that may differ from day to day, school to school and classroom to classroom.

It is important that schools and classroom teachers ensure that substitute teachers have all the necessary information they need to be able to maintain the continuity and excellence of the learning process. This includes opportunities for continued professional development whenever possible.

Please take time to acknowledge and reflect on the contributions that substitute teachers make in the lives of students and teachers. Locals, schools and boards are encouraged to organize events during this week that recognize the valuable professional service that substitute teachers provide.

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