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Exploring the Development of Teacher Efficacy Through Professional Learning Experiences 
Teacher efficacy is the confidence teachers have about their ability to influence how well their students learn. This report examines the relationship between the various kinds of professional development teachers engage in and the resulting effectiveness of their teaching practice. Using focus groups, questionnaires and current research on the subject, the authors provide insight into how teachers’ individual and collective learning can improve student learning. (PD-86-29, 2014 10, 74 pp)

The Future of the Principalship in Canada 
This publication identifies and examines the trends that will shape the work of Canada’s school leaders. Five hundred principals from across Canada participated in this study, which was a joint undertaking of the Alberta Teachers’ Association and the Canadian Association of Principals.
(COOR-100ext, 2014 07, 147 pp)

Report of the Blue Ribbon Panel on Inclusive Education in Alberta Schools 
This report presents the key findings and recommendations of the Blue Ribbon Panel on Inclusive Education in Alberta Schools, established by the Association to provide an arm’s-length investigation into this topic of critical importance. Directed to Alberta’s education stakeholders, the 38 recommendations are intended to ensure that ensure that teachers have the supports they need to create effective learning environments and that students are successful in an inclusive system.
(PD-170-1, 2014 08, 120 pp)

Teachers on the March 
This monograph chronicles the largest teachers' strike in Alberta's history, including the events leading up to the 2002 strike and its aftermath.
(COOR-95, 2014 08, 101 pp)

A Week in the Life of Alberta School Leaders 
An ATA Research Update: July 2014
This time diary study reports on the workload of Alberta school leaders, documenting and analyzing the activities that administrators undertake in a typical day.
(PD-86-28, 2014 07, 18 pp)

Reflections on Teaching: Teacher Efficacy and the Professional Capital of Alberta Teachers 
An ATA Research Update: April 2014
This document contains the final report on a study that examined the factors that influence teachers' sense of professional efficacy and their personal well-being.
(PD-86-27, 2014 04, 70 pp)

The Future is Growing Together: Building the professional capital of teachers in Rocky View Schools 
This publication reports on a study that Rocky View Local No 35, with the assistance of the provincial Association, undertook to identify and understand the root causes of the challenges facing teachers in Rocky View. (COOR-98, 2014 03, 43 pp)

Teaching in the Early Years of Practice: A Five-Year Longitudinal Study 
An ATA Research Update: June 2013
This document contains the final report on a five-year study that the Association undertook on the experiences of a cohort of beginning teachers. (PD-86-19b 2013, 66 pp)

Canadian Teachers' Federation: Benefits and Services to Alberta Teachers
The Canadian Teachers' Federation (CTF) is a national federation of teacher organizations in Canada. This brochure describes the work of CTF and the many benefits to the ATA of membership in CTF. (COMM-162-1, 2013 05 brochure)

PRISM Toolkit for Safe and Caring Discussions About Sexual and Gender Minorities
The PRISM toolkit was created to help teachers promote safe and supportive classroom discussions about sexual minorities and gender variance. PRISM is an acronym for "Professionals Respecting and supporting Individual Sexual Minorities."  The kit is available as an online resource only. (PD-80-15, 2013 04)

The 2011/12 National Study on Balancing Work, Life and Caregiving in Canada: The Situation for Alberta Teachers 
In 2011/12, Linda Duxbury, a researcher at Carleton University, conducted a national study on work-life issues as they affect the various professions. This report, which the Association published, focuses on Duxbury’s findings with respect to teachers in Alberta. (COOR-94 2013 03, 86 pp)

Principal Professional Growth for Continuous Improvement: A Collaborative Model Project 
In the fall of 2009, the Black Gold Regional Division No 18 and the Alberta Teachers’ Association collaborated on a project focusing on the implementation of the Principal Quality Practice Guideline. This project had four goals: (1) encourage a leadership culture (2) develop policy for principal professional growth (3) pilot the framework for professional growth and (4) publish a final project report. This document is that final report. (PD-162 2013 03, 59 pp)

A Guide to Alberta's 28th Legislature
The most comprehensive publication available on the operation of Alberta's legislature and government. Three-ring binder format to allow for updates. (COMM-25 2013 01, 111 pp)

Transformation and Alberta's Schools: A Time for Action 
In this brochure, the ATA presents, in summary form, its vision for how education needs to change to ensure that Alberta continues to have a world-class education system. For a detailed discussion of the vision, see the 2012 monograph A Great School for All—Transforming Education in Alberta. (PD-86-26a Ext 2013 01, 32 pp)

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