Collective Bargaining

The terms and conditions of employment and the salaries of teachers employed by school jurisdictions are established in collective agreements negotiated between the Alberta Teachers' Association and each school board. Legally, the Association is the bargaining agent for all teachers employed by public, separate and francophone school jurisdictions in the province.

A representative of the bargaining agent is appointed to conduct negotiations under the Labour Relations Code.

Staff in Teacher Welfare advise local bargaining unit committees on all aspects of collective bargaining. In addition, the Association periodically organizes teacher welfare area conference, offers courses for beginning and advanced bargainers at Summer Conference, and maintains a corps of economic consultants, a group of practising teachers who have received specialized training in matters related to collective bargaining.

Members seeking advice on the grievance procedures to be followed in the case of an alleged violation of a collective agreement or on any other matter arising from a collective agreement, the Labour Relations Code, the Employment Standards Code or the salary and sick leave provisions of the School Act should consult teacher welfare staff at

Bargaining for teachers at charter and private schools

Teachers at charter and private schools may be associate members of the Alberta Teachers' Association. Those schools where the teachers have chosen to form bargaining units with Association representation have all the benefits of associate membership plus additional benefits related to bargaining. Read more