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To access the services of the Association, a substitute teacher must first become an active member of the Association. Active membership is automatically granted to a substitute teacher the first time during a school year that he or she is employed as a substitute. The substitute teacher remains an active member until the end of the school year or until he or she is no longer on the approved substitute roster of the school board, whichever occurs first.

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As an active member, a substitute teacher is eligible to receive the following direct services:

  • Copies of The ATA News and The ATA Magazine
  • Upon request, copies of Association monographs and pamphlets
  • The right to borrow materials from the ATA library
  • Advice and consultation on all issues related to employment
  • Consultation on Employment Insurance and help in launching appeals
  • Legal advice and assistance in dealing with criminal charges that may arise in the course of teaching

Indirect ServicesTop of page

In addition, substitute teachers receive a number of indirect services:

  • Eligibility to participate in specialist councils, teachers’ conventions and local professional development activities
  • Access to ATA scholarships and fellowships
  • Representation through the collective bargaining process
  • Eligibility to be a delegate at the Annual Representative Assembly, Summer Conference and regional conferences
  • Eligibility to serve on committees at the local level
  • Eligibility to serve on ATA committees at the provincial level, to become an ATA instructor or consultant, and to represent the ATA on the committees of external organizations

Networking Top of page

To help foster a sense of community among substitute teachers in the province, the Association undertakes the following activities:

  • Encourages substitute teachers to establish substitute teachers’ groups at the local level to address the specific needs of the teachers involved.
  • Maintains a standing committee at the provincial level that acts as a forum for substitute teachers’ concerns.
  • Organizes an annual conference for substitute teachers. 

Substitute Teachers’ Appreciation WeekTop of page

Every day substitute teachers provide professional service in schools throughout Alberta. The role of the substitute teacher may be different from that of the regular teacher in some respects, but it is equally demanding, equally essential and equally professional. Substitute teachers contribute to the excellence in education our students experience in our schools.

Each year, the Association designates one week as Substitute Teachers’ Appreciation Week. In 2016/17 this week is scheduled for 2017 03 13–17. Substitute teachers appreciate receiving feedback from school administrators. Substitute Teachers’ Appreciation Week is the perfect time to make this a priority. This can be done by providing the substitute teacher with a letter outlining their strengths and contributions to the school and the profession.

Locals and boards are also encouraged to organize events that will assist substitute teachers in enhancing their professional skills and in helping them feel valued members of your team.

Substitute Teachers’ Annual ConferenceTop of page

Each year, the Association organizes a conference for substitute teachers which provides an excellent opportunity for professional development and networking. The 2016 conference will be held October 28(eve)-29 at the Radisson Hotel Edmonton South. For further information and to register for the conference click here.

The 2016 conference will be held in Edmonton.

Substitute Teachers’ ResourcesTop of page

Alberta Regional PD Consortia

Substitute Teachers in Alberta: A Research Report 
This document analyzes the results of a 2010 online survey of substitute teachers that the ATA undertook with research assistance from the University of Alberta. The study, a follow-up to one conducted in 2008, seeks to identify the unique challenges that substitute teachers encounter on a daily basis and to suggest potential solutions.

Substitute Teachers (Professional Replacements): Integration into the School System 
This monograph explores such topics of interest to substitute teachers as their contractual and membership status, their legal liability and the ATA services available to them. See pages 35 and 36 regarding information on preparing for a substitute teacher.

Benefits for Substitute TeachersTop of page

For information see the Alberta School Employee Benefit Plan website.

Substitute Teacher Participation in the Teachers’ Pension PlanTop of page

Click here for information on purchasing service and increasing your pension as a substitute teacher.

Preparing for a Substitute Teacher in your Classroom—Information for TeachersTop of page

This document was developed to assist teachers in preparing information for substitute teachers assigned to their classroom. It provides an outline of the essential information substitute teachers require to successfully complete their assignments. Click here for further information.

Preparing for a Substitute Teacher—Information for AdministratorsTop of page

This document was developed to assist school administrators in creating Substitute Teacher Handbooks for their schools. It provides an outline of the essential information substitute teachers require to successfully complete their assignments. Click here for further information.

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