Understanding Conflict—A Communication Workshop

May 1–2, 2014
Southern Alberta Regional Office (SARO)
106, 3016 5 Avenue NE, Calgary

Registration deadline: April 17

This two-day workshop is intended to help individual teachers and principals enhance their ability to deal with conflict concerns. Concepts taught are based on the Healthy Interactions approach.

Workshops are facilitated by Association administrator instructors and/or Association executive staff.

Registration for this workshop is free to active members and includes all training materials, breakfast and lunch. Participants are responsible for substitute teacher costs, travel and accommodation. Download registration form.

Workshop Agenda

Part 1: Understanding and Defining Conflict
Part 2: Core Conflict and Complicating Factors
Part 3: Positions to Interests
Part 4: Clarifying Skills, Active Listening and Paraphrasing
Part 5: Reframing and Overcoming Opposition
Part 6: Dealing with Anger
Part 7: Establishing a Safe and Positive Environment for Conflict Resolution
Part 8: From Solutions to Action

Practical communication strategies are helpful for all educators at all school levels. Participants will be provided with an overview of communication and problem-solving skills that can assist in handling concerns when they arise. This presentation is intended to help educators understand how they might deal with concerns in a consistent, comprehensive and credible way that is interest-based and fair to everyone.

Information will also be provided in regard to how Healthy Interactions, when implemented throughout a school or district, can benefit all of the stakeholder groups.

To learn more about the workshop, contact Ian Stewardson
403-265-2672 or 1-800-332-1280